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Unlimited training and conferences, and much more

Attend videoconferences from anywhere, as many times as you want, and at your convenience to enhance your learning culture!


Attend online training on Microsoft Teams

Our training and conferences are not video capsules. They are presented in real-time via videoconference with Microsoft Teams. The broadcast dates are frequent, every 3 to 6 weeks.


Participate as much as you want

Flexible and agile, you organize your training schedule yourself and attend as many training sessions and conferences as you want.


Learn, grow and transform

With over 60 training courses and conferences to choose from, you can easily select the topics that interest you, including Efficiency, Collaboration, Leadership, Project Management, Time Management, Process Improvement, Sales and Customer Service, and more.


Interact and collaborate

During the training sessions, ask questions and exchange with the experts in the Microsoft Teams team of the subscribers at any time.

Subscription: DiscoveryFree for 3 months!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Efficiency Platform?

The Efficacy Platform is a learning space where you can attend a wide selection of training courses and conferences via videoconference. The various subscription plans allow you to register independently (without having to communicate with us) for as many sessions as you want. During the training sessions led by experts, you can interact with them and ask questions. With Microsoft Teams, some subscriptions even allow exchanges with experts during scheduled time slots several times a week.

How much does a subscription cost in the platform?

Several subscription plans are available to meet all types of needs. Click here for plan details.

How much training can I take during my subscription?

The subscribers can attend as many training sessions as they want. You can attend the same training session multiple times. Thus, after practicing in their daily lives, subscribers can seek additional knowledge, ask questions, and discover recently implemented technical innovations. In the Efficiency Platform, learning is iterative and permanent.

Are materials provided during the trainings?

The participants have access to a library of files and videos for the duration of their subscription to help them put into practice what they have learned and discovered during the training sessions and conferences.

How do I register for a training course?

Registration is simple. In the space reserved for them, subscribers can sort and filter training sessions and conferences by date, category, and keyword. By choosing a session that suits their interests and availability, they quickly receive an invitation to a Microsoft Teams meeting. No need to communicate with our team, sessions are chosen and scheduled by the subscriber. If the subscriber has an unforeseen event, they simply do not show up. Attendance is only taken if the subscriber attends the training. The Efficiency Platform is agile and allows subscribers to easily organize their schedule.

Are the training courses and conferences accredited?

The training courses are accredited by Emploi Québec. Here is our registration number: 0059868. With the attendance report as proof, they are accepted in a large number of orders in Quebec.

How do I get a training certificate or an attendance report?

Attendance is taken during training and conferences. Every month, a presence report is sent to subscribers by email in PDF format. Organizations that have acquired an ‘Enterprise’ subscription have access to a monthly report by email and a Power BI dashboard with a summary of the attendance of all subscribers in their organization.

Can a subscription be transferred or cancelled?

An unused subscription can be transferred. After attending training sessions, a person cannot transfer their subscription.